Versus Battle - Nano v Bitcoin

About this video

In this video by Exodus Wallet, one of their analysts gives us a quick and easy to digest review of Nano as a cryptocurrency.

He also gives us some facts as to how Nano is different from the most well-known Cryptocurrency, that is Bitcoin.

All of this is in order to explain the workings of Nano to everyone looking to invest.

The reviewer also uses this opportunity to compare the workings and technical details of Nano as a currency to arguably the most well-known cryptocurrency on the market - Bitcoin.

It's a very information-packed video, a must-watch for all!

Did you Know?

You can top-up your Mobile Phone with Nano

It's like the title says, you can really top-up or recharge your mobile phone using Nano. In some countries, you can also buy data plus internet bundles, or pay for services like electricity or even buy gift cards, all through your phone, and using Nano. To do this just head over to PlayNANO's spend features, choose Mobile Top-Ups, and see what we have available for your country.

And more! By using PlayNANO's earn features, like completing Tasks & Surveys, you can get Nano for free, effectively allowing you to top-up your mobile phone for free!

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